The City of Coos Bay utilizes committees, commissions and boards to assist in governing.  These smaller groups are able to study their specific area in depth and make reports and recommendations to the City Council.  Each group has specific duties and responsibilities dictated by City Charter and Ordinance.

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  • Q:

    × Can I camp in any of the parks?

    Camping is not allowed in city parks. The only exceptions are for a city of Coos Bay park host, or a group with permission via a special events permit from Public Works and Development Department.

  • Q:

    × What times are the parks open?

    Mingus Park is open to the public 24/7. All other parks and public areas are for day use only, so open from dawn to dusk.

  • Q:

    × Am I required to have my dog on a leash ?

    All dogs shall be on a leash and shall be controlled by the owner at all times. Dogs are not permitted in the beach and swimming area of Empire Lakes. Owners are required to remove and deposit all dog feces in appropriate trash receptacles.

  • Q:

    × Is smoking allowed in parks?

    Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of designated play structures within any city park, and not allowed at all in Mingus Park. The boundaries of Mingus Park includes but is not limited to the skateboard park, tennis court, basketball court, softball/baseball area, Frisbee golf course, pool, play structures, gazebos, trails and paths, and the sidewalks on Commercial Ave and N 8th Street which abut the park.

  • Q:

    × Can I reserve a gazebo or picnic table at Mingus Park?

    The amphitheater and adjacent gazebo, near the swimming pool, can be reserved with a Special Event Application; there is no fee for this. The gazebo by the children's play area and picnic tables at Mingus Park are not able to be reserved, but are available on a first-come first-served basis. Please be courteous so that everyone can enjoy the facilities.

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The Planning Commission functions primarily as a comprehensive planning body by proposing policy and legislation to the city council and by implementing regulations relating to the growth and development of the community.

The Planning Commission is a seven-member citizen advisory board appointed by the City Council. The Planning Commission is also the decision-making authority for some land use applications. The Planning Commission holds public meetings the second Tuesday of each month at City Hall.

Planning Commission Ordinance

Agendas & Minutes - April 2020 to current

Agendas & Minutes - March 2020 & prior

Patrick Terry 12/31/2023
Jim Berg 12/31/2025
Bill Davis 12/31/2022
Amy Aguirre - Chair 12/31/2022
Jeff Marineau 12/31/2025
Josh Stevens 12/31/2023
Rex Miller 12/31/2023

Tree Board

The Board has the primary responsibility to study, investigate, develop, and to update periodically a written plan for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal and disposition of all street and park trees.

Agendas & Minutes


The Board meets quarterly. Municiple Code Chapter 8.30

Carmen Matthews [Parks Rep.] 06/30/2024
Rex Miller 06/30/2023
Meredith Childs 06/30/2023
Chris Eades 06/30/2023
Catherine Walworth [DT Assc. Rep] 06/30/2024
Cora Vandervelden 06/30/2024
Haley Lagasse 06/30/2023
Patrick Bringardner 06/30/2024

Design Assistance Team

The Committee functions as an advisory body in implementing and interpreting architectural design review as set forth in the City of Coos Bay land development ordinance.

Agendas & Minutes

The Committee meets on an as needed basis.

Judith Lousier 12/31/2024
MJ Koreiva 12/31/2024
Andrew Locati 12/31/2025
Ariann Lyons 12/31/2025
Vacant Position 12/31/2020
Ryan Tuss 12/13/2025
Victoria Crumpacker 12/31/2025

Overseeing, developing and protecting our parks

The Parks Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council in the planning and development of city parks. Commissioners are appointed by the City Council and serve four-year terms.

The Parks Commission meets monthly or as needed.

Agendas & Minutes

  Parks Commission Municipal Code 2.30

Bill Davis [ Planning Rep.] 12/31/2024
Beverly Meyers 12/31/2024
Ariann Lyons 12/31/2022
Colleen "CoCo" Sutton 12/31/2024
Bill Otton 12/31/2022
Patty Scott 12/31/2024
Sam Crowley 12/31/2022
Carmen Matthews [Council Rep.] 12/15/2022


The commission shall review and recommend to the council, shall coordinate with the planning commission as appropriate, and shall assist staff in the preparation of parks plans, site and building designs, development standards, and recreation services. These general duties include, but are not limited to: the identification of potential new sites to be added to the park and recreation system; recommendations on acquisition of park and recreation property including fund raising, grant assistance, or other revenue sources; recommendations on designation of open space; and recommendations on development of pedestrian trails and bike ways for accessibility to and within the park system for recreation and for transportation within the city.

The Parks Commission follows the Parks Master Plan.


Library Board

The Board has powers and duties which are assigned or delegated to it by the Charter, ordinances, or resolutions of the City of Coos Bay.

The Board meets the third Wednesday of each month.  ORDINANCE

Gina Sutherland 06/30/2025
Janice Langlinais 06/30/2025
Ida Jo Gates 06/30/2026

Jenni DeLeon

Bob More 06/30/2023
James Moore 06/30/2024
Peggy Christensen 06/30/2023
Rob Miles [Council Rep.]  

Budget Committee

The Committee meets in April of each year.

Rick Rehfeld 12/31/2023
Harold Folker


Steve Horne 12/31/2024
Ali Mageehon 12/31/2022
Colleen "CoCo" Sutton 12/31/2023
Eli Gonzalez 12/31/2024
Brenda Brecke 12/31/2022