Street Revision Ideas Call For Additional Community Input February 07, 2018

The City is in the exploratory phase considering revisions to Fourth Street from Market Street south to Southwest Boulevard. Ideas under consideration include:

  • Pedestrian and driver safety
  • increase parking (with the possibility of angled parking along portions of Fourth Street between Donnelly and Anderson)
  • Addition of bike lanes
  • Addition of beautification elements

The City will also consider resurfacing portions of Fourth Street along with completing minor rehabilitation work where the roadbed has failed. 

Part of this exploratory phase includes gathering input and suggestions from citizens.  An Open House event was previously held Friday, February 2.  Due to the interest and number of questions received at this event, an additional Open House will be scheduled soon. The City will publicize the date and details once finalized.  Residents are encouraged to attend the next meeting to learn more details about what is being considered, ask questions, and provide the City with your input. 

Questions can be directed to the Public Works and Community Development Department (541) 269-8918.