Final Prefontaine Mural Selection August 15, 2017

Final selection for the Steve Prefontaine Mural project has been achieved after very extensive consideration. The selected illustrations, as shown below, are meant to depict the progression of Pre through three significant stages of his illustrious running career: a home-grown talented high school athlete, the national ascent of a championship runner who displayed a fiery competitive drive, and the culmination of success by representing the United States in the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

The art work will be created across the north-facing wall at 275 S. Broadway Street, extending to S. 2nd Court. Adding to this tribute, the City of Coos Bay currently provides several recognitions of legendary runner throughout downtown, including the Prefontaine Memorial Gallery in the Coos Art Museum, the annual Prefontaine Memorial 10k Race, a commemorative monument near the Visitor Information Center, and a series of small plaques placed in various locations capturing some of his enduring quotes.

The mural is sure to grace the downtown for many years to come and be a vivid reminder of the larger-than-life impact Prefontaine has had on so many, his endearing love of competitive running, and his hometown of Coos Bay. 

Pre Final Mural Design Photo