Don’t Let F.O.G Cause a Clog February 07, 2018

Fats, Oils, and Grease, commonly referred to as F.O.G., effect the sewer system daily. F.O.G is commonly made up of byproducts from cooking. Sewer systems are not designed to handle or treat these substances in excess. When F.O.G enters the sewer system, it will eventually solidify and form grease balls or adhere to the pipes, constricting the capacity of the lines. Over time, without proper disposal of F.O.G, sewer lines can clog. This may result in sewage escaping out of manholes or back up into private homes, and businesses. Overflows may also have a negative impact on the environment and can result in contamination of waterways. Sewer backups, overflow, and pipe replacements can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

To work effectively, sewer systems need to be properly maintained. You can help preserve the internal systems by using proper disposal methods. Please scrape grease and food residue from dishes and pans into the garbage. Using Paper towels to wipe away cooking oil residual before dishwashing can also help. Please avoid flushing grease, diapers, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, and/or paper towels down toilets.