Form Description Keywords
Public Comment Form PDF - Request to submit a public comment at a City Council meeting. comment, city council, public comment, meeting
Land Use Action Appeal PDF - Appeal land use decisions based on the application of Coos Bay policies and/or procedures. appeal, planning, land use, planning commission
Tourist Habitation (Vacation Rental) Supplemental Application PDF - PDF - Application for Tourist Habitation (Vacation Rental) application, vacation rental, land use
Tourist Habitation (Homestay) Supplemental Application PDF - PDF - Application for Tourist Habitation (Homestay) application, homestay, land use
URA Improvement Program Pre-Application PDF - Urban Renewal Improvement Program Pre-Application urban renewal, ura, facade, improvement program, grant, pre-application, planning
CBPD Public Records Request PDF - Request for Police Records police, records, request
CBFD Volunteer Application Packet PDF - Application to volunteer with CBFD.
Property Watch PDF - Application for Property Watch police, property watch, trespass
Floodplain Development Application PDF - Application for Land Use Development in a Floodplain floodplain, land use, development, engineering, planning
Land Use Application PDF - Application for Planning Review of Land Use planning, review, land use
Committee Application PDF - Committee Application committee, application, volunteer
Right of Way Vacation Application PDF - Right of Way Vacation right of way, application, vacation, vacate, public works, row
City Resolution 19-19 Amending City Fees PDF - Fee Resolution 19-19 fee, fee resolution, 19-19
Transient Occupancy Tax Reporting Form PDF - Transient Occupancy Tax Reporting Form tax, transient occupancy, lodging
Vacant Property Registration PDF - Vacant Property Registration form registration
Vision Clearance Guidelines PDF - Guidelines for Vision Clearance at Intersections vision clearance, intersection, right of way, ROW
Public Works Permit PDF - Right of way (ROW) use; driveway access, curb cut; sewer connection, cap or repair; site development, grading, fill, excavation permit, public works, row, right of way, driveway, sidewalk, curb cut, sewer, site development
Demolition Permit PDF - Application to Demolish Commercial and Residential Structures permit, demolition, building
Community Development Customer Survey PDF - Brief form for customer comments Comments, Survey
Transient Occupancy Tax Registration Form PDF - Registration for transient occupancy tax tax, registration, transient occupancy, lodging
Building Permit PDF - Application for building permit, including residential and commercial additions, alterations, and new construction application, permit, building
Business License Home Occupation Application PDF - Application to open a business based in a residence within the city limits business, license, application, home occupation, permit, planning
Vendor Areas Map PDF - Permitted Downtown Vending Areas map, vendor, downtown, preway
Scout Cabin Event Map PDF - Map of Scout Cabin at Mingus Park event, map, scout, mingus park, cabin, special event
Mingus Park Event Maps PDF - Map of Mingus Park for Event Planning map, events, park
John Topits Park Event Map PDF - Map of John Topits Park for Event Planning event, map, john topits, park, special event
Central Avenue Event Map PDF - Map of Central Avenue for Event Planning events, map, Central Avenue, downtown, Special Event
Tree Removal Request in Right of Way PDF - Request to remove tree in right-of-way request, tree, row, right of way, tree board
Land Use Pre-Application PDF - Pre-Application for Land Use Development in the City of Coos Bay pre-application, land use, development, planning
Citizen Concern PDF - Citizen Concern complaint, citizen, concern
W-9 Form PDF - tax, W-9
Release Form PDF - Release of Claim claim, property, city council, imdemnify
Public Records Request PDF - Request to inspect public records request, public records
Defendants Statement Regarding Parking Citation PDF - Statement for defense of parking citation Parking, Ticket, Citation
Application For Card Room License or Work Permit PDF - Application for card room license permit, application, codes
Moorage Agreement PDF - Agreement for moorage at the City Docks Agreement, Boating, Docks, Fee, Permit
Safety Committee By-Laws PDF - By-laws for the Coos Bay Fire and Rescue Safety Committee information, bylaws
Moisture Content and Energy Requirements Lighting Acknowledgement Form PDF - Acknowledgement of Building Moisture and Energy Requirements building, residential, notification, energy, lighting, construction
Manufactured Home Standards PDF - Requirements checklist for siting manufactured homes in residential zones checklist, building, permit, manufactured building, manufactured home, standards
2008 Oregon Residential Specialty Code Changes PDF - Changes to the Oregon Residential Codes information, handout, codes
Business License Application PDF - Application for starting your own business or renewing your business license. fee, license, busines, application
Special Events Safety Regulations PDF - Safety Regulations for Special Events Located in Coos Bay special event, safety
Special Event Permit Application PDF - Application to hold special events on city property or with city services permit, application, events, special event
Sign Permit Application PDF - Application to display a sign permit, application
Mingus Park Stage Rules PDF - Rules for use of the Mingus Park stage handout, guide, requirements
Manufactured Building Placement Permit PDF - Permit to place manufactured building building, permit, manufactured building, manufactured home, modular building
Mechanical Permit Application PDF - Application for Mechanical permit, including commercial and residential permit, application, fee, building, residential, commercial
Demolition Bond Waiver PDF - Waiver of Demolition Bond Requirement Form demolition, building, application, permit, bond
Accessory Structure Permit PDF - Accessory Structure in a Residential Area building, permit, zoning, planning, accessory structure
Animal Control Permit PDF - Application to keep animals requiring a special permit, including poultry, rabbit, pig, goat, sheep, llama, cow and equines permit, animal, chickens, poultry, chicken, livestock, pig
Flammable or Combustible Tank Installation Permit Application PDF - Application to install a tank that will contain flammable or combustible material. tank, application, permit, flammable, propane
Residential Barrel Burning Minimum Requirements PDF - Safety requirements regulating residential use of burn barrels including specifications, when, where and what may be burned. burning, handout, residential